Your Global Training Partner

About Us

Formed at the beginning of this millennium, Regal Solutions International Inc. targets to contribute to the business world years of experience derived from its staff, consultants and strategic business partners. For a sample of who we have worked with, please click here.
At Regal Solutions we focus on providing high performance, quality, customized programs needed to meet today’s organizational aspirations. Our Training and Human Resource Development methodology act as an important tool in aligning People and Business objectives.

Methodology used:

  1. Identify organizational training needs
  2. Identify the program(s) required.
  3. Identify areas of emphasis.
  4. Conduct the training and provide assignments.
  5. Return assignments to participants with ‘Points to Note’
  6. Report to Management

Our Vision
To be the preferred provider of ‘Organizational Development’ services to organizations seeking advancement, corporate alignment and focus.

Our Mission
a) To assist our clients meet their short-term and long-term business objectives by improvising and/or creating new and efficient systems using their people power.
b) Ensure Objectives are developed collectively and tied into the Corporate blueprint
c) To offer quality, reliable and useful knowledge via training, consulting and/or Team assignments necessary to achieve corporate Vision.
d) To ensure alignment of Corporate resources to agreed Vision.
e) Is to used workable models to help resources express and identify areas of improvements (This includes the practical and systematic
CSO TM and OCS TM methods spearheaded by Dr Harman)

What We Offer:

  • Public Programs
  • Strategic Planning in the face of uncertainty
  • Performance alignment to Corporate Mission
  • Corporate Risk identification and Mitigation Solutions
  • A consultative approach to understanding the Need.
  • Customized Corporate sessions to ensure effectiveness moving forward.
  • Formation of Corporate Communication via Strategic Steering Committees