Formed at the beginning of this millennium, Regal Solutions International has grown successfully with a global appeal. This growth was brought about by the commitment of our staff, trainers & consultants to provide the best in organizational development with our clients’ needs in mind always. Our pool of experienced trainers and consultants specialize in various fields related to empowering organizations meet their objectives while providing high standards and quality service.
We achieve measurable success for our clients by designing training and consulting services that are highly practical, relevant and cost effective to their business needs. In addition to the services we render, on-going support, motivation and mentorship is the key factor that spells success for our clients. Hence, our clients’ success is our success.

Upcoming Events:

A) Strategic Alignment: How to Set and Align Realistic Departmental KPIs (Using Logical, Simple and Practical OCS and CSO Methods designed by Regal International Trainer, Dr Harman)

25-27 Feb 2019– Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (register online)


B) Setting & Achieving Corporate Directions and Milestones (KRAs/ KPIs/ BSC and Beyond)- a 5 days practical program using Dr Harman‘s proven methods related to Performance Management

15-19 Mar 2019— Toronto, Canada (register online)


For more information or to conduct this or other programs inhouse, in your country, please contact us at info@regalsolutions.net or chris.regal@gmail.com

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Journeying with and Beyond Performance Indicators
eBook written by Dr Harman