Performance Management

The forming of KPIs, BSC and a Strategy Map for your departments and organization.

Performance Management (PM) is an area that organizations need to focus on to bring about results that are aligned to Corporate Objectives, Mission & Vision. Efforts in Performance Management could start with departments, individuals, products and/or processes that are required to provide a competitive edge. As an evolving process PM ensures increased efficiency, higher profits, satisfied customers and motivated staff on an on-going basis.

The fundamental question is whether an organization knows where it is heading and if it can achieve its objectives using current resources without incurring additional expenses. Hence, in evaluating the performance of an organization, no area can be seen as irrelevant and must be studied by those seeking improvement. This also gives us and your organization the flexibility to decide on where to start the process from.

We have adopted a very easy and cost effective approach in assisting organizations achieve success in managing organizational resources. The process starts with Understanding and Identifying what should be done. We then move on to the next stage of assisting the organization Implement the agreed solutions and provide on-going Reviews. The process becomes more effective and saves money when we use a training cum consulting approach. The following are the various stages involved and can be conducted over a period of 1 to 6 months per session.

1.Understanding Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  [ 3 days ]
2. Managing KPIs and Beyond through Dr Harman’s CSO/OCS Methodology [ 3 days
3. Creating a Balanced ScoreCard (BSC) for your department/organization 3 days  [ 3 days ]
4. Implementing a Steering Team that will lead the KPI process within your organization [ 3 days ]
5. Setting objective oriented Individual KPIs for your department/ organization [ 3 days ]
6. Setting strategies in relation to the Balanced ScoreCard –Strategy Mapping [ 3 days ]

Here are some benefits for implementing an effective Performance Management System in your organization:

— Team members and the entire organization becomes geared towards obtaining results.
— PM focuses on results, and helps focus/align activities
— Provides ample emphasis on both Internal and External customers’ needs
— Cultivates a system for long-term improvement initiatives.
— Produces meaningful information for benchmarking and setting standards relevant to best practices within the industry.