As People are an asset in all organisations, training and re-training is crucial for continuous growth and development. Our Organisational & Personal Development Programs provide individuals with essential skills required in any work environment. The programs listed below can be fully customised to the needs of each organisation thus focusing on the areas that require most attention.

Upon completion of any training session, participants are provided support and motivation via email.
Performance Management
Setting Effective Key Performance Indicators
Setting a Balanced ScoreCard (BSC) for your Organisation
Management Skills for New & Future Managers
Coaching & Motivating Staff for Peak Performance
Conducting Effective Training Needs Analysis
Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals
Managing Time & Achieving Goals
Problem Solving Techniques
Leadership Skills, Motivation & TeamBuilding
Business Etiquette, Professionalism & PR Skills
Creative Management
Business Planning
Supervisory Development Program
Effective Project Management

Customer Service & Communication
Delivering Excellent Customer Service
Handling Customers Within a Call Centre
Telephone Skills for Professional Salesmanship
Telephone Skills for Professional Customer Service

Sales & Marketing
Creative Marketing- Winning More Business
Creating & Presenting Impactful Sales Proposals
Closing Sales & Client Management Techniques
Powerful Sales Negotiation Techniques
Professional Selling Skills