Negotiating with the ‘Law of Cause and Effect’!


Prevailing issues are often left uncovered, for fear of ‘Opening a Can of Worms’ and a call for Change!

The law of ‘Cause and Effect’ is enlightening in itself.

Someday, Somehow, in Some way, Whatever is done will produce an outcome. And when that happens, a lot of Blame, Regret, including the Loss of Faith, Funds, and Emotional unpleasantness will take shape. Do we really need to wait for such a time to trigger a change or is it better to intervene early and influence the outcome?

For effective intervention to take place, individuals within the scope should have and/or must identify the potential outcome and communicate ways to redirect activities towards a more desirable outcome and work towards minimizing potential negative impact. What will be the price of not doing so versus the price if it is done. This negotiation requires intelligence, courage, management skills and mostly a method, to correctly accomplish the intervention each time.

A thought to leave with: Is there something in your organisation or life that you currently need to ‘change’ or negotiate with?


…An extended excerpt from the book “Journeying with and Beyond Performance Indicators” by Dr Harman